About Me

I had really bad vision as a kid. Everyone in my family wore glasses so I might have even been half lying when I told them I had vision problems. I wanted glasses but I wasn’t quite convinced that I needed them. Almost decade after my first Mickey Mouse pair that I picked out (and my mom let me purchase even though it surpassed the vision plan allowance) that I lied about a month or two later, saying they were lost, and knowing full well that I hid them under my bed, I still refused to accept it. Maybe life was meant to be this blurry, this doubled and this strange. I was soft focused.


When I found Toy Photography it felt like magic. It felt like it was the way all photography should be. Full of light, a little blurred – soft.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t call myself or consider myself a photographer. Not even just “an amateur photographer.” I’m not there yet. I’m not so big headed. I see that anyone with a couple hundred bucks and the internet can call their pictures art. I don’t want to be that. As much as I wish I were, I’m no artist. I’m a hobbyist, really. I’m not looking to become a professional blogger or barely even a professional photographer. I’m just sharing, really. Hobby sharing.


I’m 23, I’ve got a bachelor’s degree, and I work for my family and this is my strange attempt to learn a little bit more about myself.

Before this I always had one strict goal and with narrow vision I pursued it. When I reached it, it was always dissappointing. This time, I'm trying to really see the things around me. See myself. And hopefully get somewhere that makes me happy.

So this blog and this project is an extension of the search to find something that I love, something that makes my heart beat a little faster, something that will one day, maybe just one day, be the way my life was meant to be.

I'm going to try and have the following:
  • Picture posts daily
  • Camera reviews
  • Picture adventure stories
  • Camera purchase adventures
  • Photography class entries
  • and my general learning-growing experience.
So far I photograph with:

  • Diana's
  • A Lubitel 2
  • A polaroid sx-70
  • A fuji instax
  • A Yashica 635
  • and a 1980's Canon AE-1 Program as my only SLR