Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've been a terrible routine blogger.

The problem/hassle is scanning pictures.

I don't yet have installed our scanner software/driver into my laptop, but it's on Adam's desktop.

But I prefer to edit them and post them via my laptop.

So in order to post here I have to round up the pictures, scan them in, email them to myself, open them up from my laptop, adjust the colors just a little, then upload them to my blogger album.

I've been keeping busy lately with heavy movie watching, painting, picture developing, and Polaroid taking.Oh, that and living life.

So, hopefully sooner rather than later, I've got something to put up here. You know, for my all of 1 viewer.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Remembering... Waiting...

This is an installation sculpture in rememberance of the Holocaust by George Segal in front of The Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

When I first developed this roll and saw this picture I wasn't quite sure why I took it. I even took a group of them and put it in my pile of trash pictures that absolutely didn't turn out (but I never actually throw away).

But as I was looking through my pictures again for this blog I gave this one a second look.

It's definitely a different feel. It's undeniably creepy.

But there's something about it that, I feel (if I'm gonna toot my own horn), that captures the feelings of the art itself. Something silent, expectant, broken, yet somehow still waiting.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Club for Film Photographers

I feel like film photographers should have some sort of club. And when you're officially allowed to join it's like a school graduation.

"Yay! I can do it! I have something in common with these awesome photographers!"

I feel like it should imply special discounts, extra recognition, and instant friendship.

I guess that's as ridiculous as expecting to be accepted and liked by someone else because you're the same race.

Either way, I feel like I'm breaking into some sort of secret club. And I can't wait until I start feeling the perks, meeting the other members, and fully coming into my own as an honorary member.

I also feel like I need a new camera.

My bank doesn't support this cause. Neither do the other things needed that have been on the back burner. It also isn't an emergency even if I do feel like if I don't get something new I could die.

If there's anything I've learned it's that no matter the camera, it won't make your pictures any better. Too bad, because if I could buy a magical, awesome, do it all camera, I might. I might get one and then quickly discard it because I've grown to appreciate all my mistakes along the way. They're happy accidents. Maybe my start in toy photography taught me the skill (possibly seen as a flaw) of loving and accepting something that isn't perfect.

In my class I've noticed that everyone else constantly has the goal of perfection. They're angry at strange shadows, light leaks, a little bit of blur, the tiniest shade anomaly. Maybe that should be my goal because they're all much better than I am but I can't help but attach a little bit of love to the first messy couple of prints or test strips I make of a picture.

I'm still formulating ideas for what's supposed to be my first artistic photography series so I'll catch you up when I get there.

If anyone is in the San Francisco/Bay Area area and wants to volunteer as models, let me know!